The Power of CONNECT! 22 Mar 2019

Have you been to a doctor recently? Did you not complete your first level of diagnosis online? In today's digital world, before a patient visits the doctor, a complete investigation is already done with the help of the Internet. When you finally go to a clinic or hospital, the doctor too knows what exactly has happened to the patient. Yet, he puts on a stethoscope to listen to the patient’s heart beat. He feels the patient’s pulse. That's because the power of touch is phenomenal. The patient is reassured. When required, the doctor generally has just 5-10 minutes of interaction to convince a patient into undergoing an operation that could potentially lead to death. The patient has to make a decision, trusting the doctor. That CONNECT has a greater healing power than all other tools and medicines.

Is your customer listening to you?

Isn’t it the same about the relationship of any business with its customers? The attention span of today’s digital consumer is very short, and it is imperative for the business to put in marketing efforts very wisely. How do you ensure your customer is listening to you and is glued to you, your products and services? You need to connect with your customers and assure them that you have the right product or service to address their pain points. Use the right language, the right tone in your marketing material (flyers, brochures, videos), web content, and in what you convey about your brand on social media. Use words wisely--simple yet powerful. Empathize with your customer.

Happy connecting!

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