Dare to act differently! 22 Mar 2019

On a TV program last week, an elderly woman applies for the post of an intern at a startup that has just launched a mobile app. She gets the job, and all employees—all of them in their 20s and 30s—accept the new intern wholeheartedly.

Her first task is assigned:

Boss: We are trying hard to get people to know about our launch. We need to have more downloads of the app. Please draft these welcome letters and mail them today, will you?

Intern: Sure, sir!

What the boss meant: Type out the letters and e-mail them to prospective customers.

What the intern did: Wrote out the messages herself using pen and paper and mailed them via the post office. She wasn’t aware that e-mails existed and did not know how to operate a computer.

The boss realizes this only toward the end of the day, and is furious. The damage had already been done. Who on earth would send out handwritten letters for downloading a mobile app!

What happens next? There is a sudden surge in downloads and there are happy customers applauding the startup for using the new approach. The personalized handwritten notes created a warm impact.

Here, the intern was old school and the “different approach” was by accident. The startup wouldn’t dare to try out this new “old approach” at a time when technology had moved ahead—from inland letters to e-mails, from face-to-face meetings to virtual connects.

Will you dare to try something new, something different? Challenge yourself and take the risk in your communication. Try it out with a smaller audience first. It may be worth it!

Brand Identity

They were in the living room playing Rummy. Time flew and it was 9 pm already. The cell phone rang. Her face brightened up. She knew it was him. Everyone in the room was familiar with that ringtone. Chrisel ran across to her bed room to answer the phone. The voice was familiar. She gave him a candid account of the whole day. There were hysterical giggles in between. Chrisel’s friends in the living room knew the missing player wouldn’t get back for the next 45 minutes. The whole situation was familiar—the ringtone, Chrisel’s reaction, the voice on the other end!

Does this story ring a bell?

Are you familiar enough to your customers? When you launch a product and step into the market with a comprehensive communications campaign, do your customers know it’s YOU? If the answer is no, it is time you refreshed your brand identity. Make a mark, getting it right the first time. From then on, stay consistent in your communication with easily identifiable brand elements (logo, messaging tone, graphic elements, etc.)—so your customers know that the new launch is from YOU, their trusted brand.

Wishing you luck,
Alvinto Creatives

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